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 Histoire 2006-20xx

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MessageSujet: Histoire 2006-20xx   Lun 15 Jan - 16:09

- The Megalan imperial army and the Templar order are unable to meet their mage recruit minimum quota. The birthrate of male mage has dropped considerably in the last decade, 3/4 mage were born female between 1996 and 2006.
- Sister Edith of New Jerusalem experience a vision in which she sees Saint Joan of Arc asking her to free Bannock of the Muslim occupation with the aids of her fellow Sister, she tells her that pious and courageous women will be needed in the war to come. Sister Edith, aged of 15 years, vow to undertake her sacred mission.

- The Templar Order and Megalan imperial army expend the years of services before retirement by 3 years. Veterans Battle-Wizards agree begrudgingly.
- Sister Edith is gaining in popularity in New Jerusalem, her rousing and zealous speeches inspiring young woman to take an active role in the war to come. Hospitallers are annoyed with her progressive ideas, the order keeps a close eye on her.

- On June 23, the Hospitallers forcefully and publicly arrest Sister Edith at one of her rally. This result in a bloody riot, 3 women, a supporting war veteran and a knight are killed.  The Hospitallers imprison her for the remaining of 2008, Sister Edith awaits her trial.

- The Megalan imperial army and the Templar Order still haven’t managed to recruit a sufficient number of mage recruit, they are forced to push-back the minimum age retirement for mages by another 2 years Veterans Wizard are getting more and more irked.
- On January the 3rd, Sister Edith is found guilty of high treasons, of the death of Knight Eadric, of disturbing the peace and witchcraft in an unfair trial. She is condemned to be burned at the stake on January 31. Her story reaches the ears of the high Archbishop Raphaël of the Curia. He ask the Hospitallers to withdraw judgement so the curia can make a proper trial, her unusual case being too important for the Hospitallers alone to draw judgement.
- The case of Sister Edith reaches the Curia and after months of debating the curia states, on May 16, that although women shouldn’t ideally take arms, nothing stop them from doing so, as long as they aren’t married or carrying children. So, Edith was in her right to inspire young and pious women to take arm for her noble cause. Sister Edith is freed on June 12. Her story his heard nation wide.

- Sister Edith has successfully recruited a hundred young women and founded the order of Saint Joan of Arc. Having no military training of her own, Sister Edith couldn’t train her new recruits herself. Fortunately, Lady Helena of Durham, the younger sister of the Queen Bronwyn of Caithness, had heard of her story and offered to train the first Johannites to the military arts.
- The Templar order and the Megalan imperial army still haven’t found any solution to the insufficient number of mages recruits.  The veteran mages are getting more and more annoyed and make it clear that they won’t accept another 2 years push-back.

- The order of Saint Joan of Arc is attracting more and more member each month, the training goes well and young woman from all-around the country enlist.
- The veteran mages 2 years retirement push-back is officially over. The Templar order and Megalan imperial army sees themselves back-up to a wall, majority of veteran make it clear that they won’t accept any more push back.
- On February 1th, the Templar Orders sees itself, for the first time, forced to accept women recruits in their ranks. Because the Christian church forbids special treatment for mages, the order is forced to accept non-mage women in it’s ranks as well, although they are clearly not well-received. Woman recruits are watched closely, they are asked to keep their hair short and are expelled at the first sign of inappropriate behavior. The Hospitallers claim that the Templar order is falling apart. Among the order it’s received with mixed feelings.
- On March 1th The Megalan imperial army begrudgingly follow the Templar example and start recruiting women in hope of boosting the number of mages among their ranks. This is also received with a mixed feeling among Soldiers, women definitely have more to prove than their male counterparts. Woman soldier can be married, although they cannot have any children, they get expelled they become pregnant.

- A second large force of Megalan troopers and Templars invade the Blackwoods with intents to put an ends to the Dark Elven activities. The invasion was supposed to be on multiple years span, but the early battles are so bloody and the environment so hostile that the troops are forced to retreats after 4 months of invasion, causalities averages 20%.

- The Johannite now numbers in the thousands. They became well liked across western Megalos by freely helping to drive off bandit, monster and heretics. What they lack in skill they compensate with willpower.

- Emperor Diophrates XII dies of old age, his sons Platistotle VII take the mantle of emperor. Many hope the new emperor will be a better ruler than his senile father…

- Sister Edith tours around the country to meet with different leaders of Christians orders to get the recognition she deserves, which she doesn’t really get thanks to her young age. She also tries to convince other leaders that a crusade is highly due, Bannock liberation from Muslims has waited long enough. The Hospitallers and Templars both agree…

- The Templar and Hospitaller Grand Masters meet with the New emperor to discuss the possibility of a fifth crusade.
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Histoire 2006-20xx
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