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 Sud-est: Ville et Cité

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This warm, heavily settled region is known for its cotton and hemp plantations,vineyards, olive orchards, and cattle.

Cities(From Gurps Banestorms:

Dekamera: Dekamera, on the estuary of the River Regina, is one of Ytarria’s finest ports. Though not as busy as Megalos,its sheltered harbor enjoys mild weather year-round. Its buildings are mostly low stone structures with flat roofs. The center of trade between al-Wazif, Cardiel, and the eastern Empire, its importance is further enhanced by pirate activity affecting ports to the south. Pleas for aid from Sho’joor and Zehan have fallen on deaf ears. The previous Earl of Dekamera, Gavin Magnus, was known for raiding towns in al-Wazif with his private fleet. One of these raids ended with his son Taveon in Wazifi hands. Gavin’s rescue attempts failed, and, several years later, he died, bitter and angry. Meanwhile, the Wazifis had treated Taveon as a guest. When the Frontier Wars ended, they returned him to Dekamera. This was a miscalculation; Taveon deeply resents the Wazifis for his situation and is mustering forces for further raids

Ekhans: The Duchy of Ekhans is as famous for its rich plantations and vineyards as for its herds of cattle, which feed much of the surrounding lands. At the center of this rural splendor is the city of Ekhans, one of the most prestigiousducal holdings in Megalos. Currently, Ekhans is suffering from a rash of nighttime dragon attacks on its cattle. There appear to be at least five of the beasts. Nobody has killed one yet, or even reliably traced one back to its lair. The best guesses say that they live either in the Ekhans Forest a hundred miles to the east, or under the waters of Sorcha Bay to the northeast. It is clear that the dragons are intelligent and informed – they’ve been picking off the best cattle in the herds.

Min: The city and barony of Min are at the southernmost tip of the Megalan mainland. With poor farmland and a harbor too shallow for large merchant vessels, Min is struggling. The region’s major industries are milkfish farming, fishing, and clam-diving. Without this income, Baron Martignac of Min would be a pauper. Min’s one claim to fame was its role as the staging area for the invasion of al-Kard 500 years ago. No one has paid much attention
to it since.These days, however, Min is a haven for pirates. The harbor is fine for small war galleys and quick sailboats. Using nearby islands as bases, the pirates exact a heavy toll on shipping between Cardiel, Sho’joor, Zehan, and Araterre. Many traders give the entire region a wide berth. Baron Martignac would rather run his barony within the law, but he can’t ignore the economic benefit of pirates spending their loot in his city. His tolerance has reached the point that famous pirates can now cheaply bribe their way out of any trouble they cause. The rich protect themselves with guards (often ex-pirates themselves), but the poor are frequently prey to the whims of drunken cutthroats.

Serrun: The region around the city of Serrun, home of the Order of St.Olybrius, is a feudal holding of the Archbishop of Serrun. Famously prosperous, its vineyards and farmlands benefit from a mild climate, and merchants grow rich from the trade in Serrun cotton cloth, demanded all over Ytarria. Though Serrun overlooks the coast, its rocky cliffs and unpredictable currents make it a minor seaport; only smaller boats can safely navigate its harbor. Thus, most of its trade is overland to Dekamera, Zehan, or Ekhans. While Archbishop Nikolai is technically the supreme authority in the area, the de facto power is the Count Sergius, lord of Shambray, thanks to Nikolai bad reputation.

Sho'joor: Sho’joor is located on a large, deep bay on Megalos’ southern coast. While traditionally a stopping point for vessels traveling between Megalos and the Islamic countries, pirate activity has reduced this traffic, traders going to Dekamera or Sauvons instead. Duke Yivirrl of Sho’joor, a goblin, has recently arranged for aid from the
Imperial Navy; while area shipping is now slightly safer, the local economy has yet to recover. Worse, Yivirrl has no fallback position – if the Emperor should whimsically recall the ships, the city would collapse into poverty.

Zehan: Zehan is in a similar position to Sho’joor, though it also profits from trade with sea elves and merfolk.
Instead of “pointlessly” appealing to the Emperor, Count Aloysius of Zehan has made a deal with the sea-lords of Sauvons. They are providing him with advanced ships and capable crews, which he is paying for out of steep taxes on everything but shipping. He is also attempting to hire sea elves to spy on the pirates. If they can locate the major pirate hideouts, he may be able to solve his problems with a few swift strikes. However, this may place him in violent confrontation with Baron Martignac of Min.

Small Towns:

Tiboroo: This Town is located southwest of the Emperor’s forest, and east of Yibyorak. The town population averages 4000, of which 50% is goblin, 40% is human, 9% is halfling, and the remaining 1% includes elves and dwarves. Tiboroo is known for its cheap, but comfortable, inns, and its tolerant views toward outsiders. It also serves as a trade post between Yibyorak and the southern Megalan cities. Tiboroo’s crime rate is surprisingly low.
- Mayor: Brijiik Baltakik: 45 years old Goblin.
- Majors Trades: Inns, Fishing, Port, Trading post

Seaside: Unsurprisingly, this Town is right next to the Mare medium sea. Seaside is east of Tiboroo, East of Dekamera, South of the Emperor’s forest, and north of the Mare Medium sea. This small-town population averages 1500. The Town is relatively peaceful, but finding work here is hard, thanks to the Fisher guild monopoly on fishing activities.
- Mayor: Jacob Summers, 37 years old man.
- Majors Trades: Inns, Fishing, Port.

Sorchabay Port: Located North east of Ekhans, just next to Sorchabay, this large town’s population averages 14 000, and is increasing every year. This flourishing town serves as a maritime port for Ekhans’s wine export to the Capital. It also receives a large amount of trade ships from Megalos each years, and, thanks to the winterless climate, the port is active all year long. Sorchabay Town is well known for its large number of available honest jobs at the port. Thanks to the strong imperial fleet, piracy is scarce in the region.
- Mayor: Valerian Strauss
- Majors Trades: Port, Fishing, Wine Export, Trade with the Capital

Sorcha’s Woods Town: Located on the western side of Sorcha’s Woods, this small town’s population barely reaches a thousand souls. The town economy is struggling, most of the townsfolks work in the forest industry. The town has always been rather peaceful, lacking any real riches, until lately. Indeed, a group of bandits has been harassing the town since last month.
- Mayor: Kaledos Brum, 58 years old man.
- Major Trades: Lumber, pelt.

Barley’s Field: Barley’s Field is situated south of Sorcha’s Woods. The town’s population averages 2000. Barley’s field is surrounded by countless plains. The town is well known for its famous breweries, and is infamous for its unwelcoming and racist townsfolks, even by imperial standards.
- Mayor: John Baker
- Major Trades: Beer export, Farming.

Valek: This small town is located east of Sho’Joor. The town’s population averages 1500. Valek is an extremely poor town, most of its inhabitants are fishers, but the town is too small to be able to compete with other big cities around. There’s really nothing worth doing in the town, but there’s been report of people disappearing lately; travelers are advised to stay away from the place.
- Mayor: George Fisher, 59 years old man
- Major Trade: Fishing

Midway Town: This town is located midway between Serrun and Zehan. Its population barely reaches a 1000, even if there’s enough infrastructure to welcome at least twice that number. Midway Town was built around the Midway Inn, a hundred years ago, while Serrun and Zehan trade was at its best. The town grew fast, but once the trade between the two cities slowed, the town’s expansion fell flat, and a lot of merchants and innkeeper lost their trades. Now, the town’s economy is struggling, and, thanks to its numerous abandoned building, it’s a criminal haven, which does nothing to help the disastrous situation.
- Mayor: Gontrand Poitras, 29 years old man.
- Major Trade: Bad quality inns, Small market, Blackmarket(Unofficial).
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Sud-est: Ville et Cité
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